Extinction Rebellion – A New Playbook for an Ecological Revolution


 Rebelling against extinction, says Dr. Gail Bradbrook of the Extinction Rebellion, may be our last chance of averting impending planetary ecological collapse.

The free market has failed us. Democracy is dying. Government seems unable or unwilling to take the decisive action. Is there anything that can stop us careening down the path to global ecological collapse?  An Extinction Rebellion may be our last hope to avoid the extinction of our own and most other species on earth.

Join Sustainable Century Podcast host Marc de Sousa Shields as he speaks with Dr. Gail Bradbrook, co-founder of the Extinction Rebellion, who says non-violent confrontation with government and business may be the only way to force the change required to reverse the damage neo-liberal economic and failing democratic systems are wreaking on the world’s ecology.


For over 40 years, Canadian singer song writer Bruce Cockburn has been a an outspoken and poetic champion of justice, equality, and environmental protection. First released in 1988, If A Tree has been a powerful and inspiring anthem for protecting the world’s ecology. Hope you enjoy the song, please pass it along for others to enjoy.


    • Darren, as a Canadian I have concerns. But having live in Mexico for 21 years, I am not sure I can fully respond to your assertion. I can, however, say that I was very unhappy when Trudeau bought the Trans Mountain pipeline. Seems like $4.5 billion could have gone a long ways to funding clean energy. Not sure either of the political dynamics these days, but it smacks of the old days where Alberta had a disproportionate sway on national politics.


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